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Veterans care is of paramount importance in the United States. Due to the lack of resources, the stigma associated with being “labeled” in medical community, and the struggles with accessibility Veterans are unable to receive the care they need and deserve. This is particularly true for our Combat Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other combat-related health conditions. After completion of honorable service, Combat Veterans are at an increased risk of addiction, depression, and suicide due to difficulty transitioning back to civilian life.

Warriors Choice Foundation, Inc.

(“the Foundation”) was founded for the specific purpose of creating an effective and unique healing community – Developed for Combat Veterans by Combat Veterans. In Palm Beach County, Florida, the not-for-profit Warriors Choice Foundation will offer outpatient as well as residential holistic treatments focusing on alternative medicine, mental health, and rehabilitation. The Foundation will begin with outpatient care and add full residential treatment in a safely secluded, tranquil, and picturesque residential retreat setting.

The Warriors Choice Foundation will change how treatment is sought and administered.  Rather than the current one-size-fits-all approach, Combat Veterans will undergo an in-depth vetting process for a unique individually tailored program. The Warriors Choice Foundation will be a well-thought-out and comprehensive facility with a tone and culture conducive to promoting a lifelong pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Each program will incorporate integrative and alternative methodologies, nutritional and vocational support, and individualized counseling. As well, the Foundation’s uniquely designed and individually tailored programs will offer ample outdoor, wellness, hobby, and recreational opportunities. The Foundation will also have an incomparable service-dog training program that fast-tracks the process by using the Combat Veterans’ own dogs when applicable.

Florida is home to the third-largest Veteran population in the United States – at more than 1.5 million – and in just the three-county South Florida metro area the Veteran population is over 220,000. Approximately 24% of Veterans are Gulf War and Post-9/11 service members and in the age groups most likely to need the Foundation’s services. While the Veterans Administration’s Sunshine Healthcare Network, covering Florida and South Georgia, has a handful of rehabilitation facilities, there are no facilities in the immediate South Florida region. The overall high rate of mental health issues among Combat Veterans in the South Florida region has reached crisis levels.

The Foundation will meet this need head-on by founding U.S. Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Sergeant Anthony J. Longo. Sergeant Longo has extensive experience in civilian and military healthcare, leadership, overseas deployments, and personnel management. Mr. Longo served multiple combat deployments as a Sergeant (E-5) and holds over five years of combat medical experience as a Nationally Registered Paramedic (NREMT-P), is an active Firefighter and contractor conducting private security operations for the U.S Embassy in Afghanistan. The Foundation is comprised of a board of directors with backgrounds in finance, management and philanthropic activities who are well-connected in the region and have a deep-seated passion for Veterans and their mental healthcare. Along with partnerships with local hospitals and mental health agencies, the statewide healthcare community, and military organizations, the foundation will work toward making a marquee holistic wellness center on a national level.

Mission Statement

The Warriors Choice Foundation is a Veteran 501(c) (19) organization, which provides Combat Veterans with adaptive residential programs focused on streamlining coordinated comprehensive, and rehabilitative services individually tailored for Veterans at no cost.

Keys to Success


Warriors Choice Foundation will serve the needs of Combat Veterans suffering from PTSD, mental illness, and related disorders, by guiding them along their path to wellness. The vision and goals are as follows:

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