Paul Cardenas


P&P Procurement LLC - North Carolina - 16 September 2016 to Present

At P&P Procurement I am acting Vice President and also the company representative for acquiring contracts through Federal Business Opportunity ( I act as company liaison when working with our contract specialist to prepare bids for contracts. To make sure the bid is correct and the finish bid that we are submitting is competitive and exactly what is best for P&P Procurement LLC.

International Development Solutions - Kabul, Afghanistan
US Embassy Protection Detail/Personal Protection Specialist (ONCONUS) 03 May 2015 to Present
Lead vehicle driver on (Low Pro) Low Visibility Protection team. Managed government vehicles worth up to three hundred thousand dollars. Ensured government radios were operational and communicating with government officials in (TOC) Tactical Operations Command. Planned detailed routes (to include primary, secondary, and tertiary routes) to and from venue. Utilized on (Low Pro) team to do (TSS) Tactical Site Surveys to (for) future venues. Supervised transportation of top-secret packages from US Embassy too destination and back to US Embassy. Executed main body movements with US Ambassador or Representatives (of) to venue. Also arranged protection detail to have already established security inside and out of venue before arriving to guarantee safety of client upon arrival and departure of venue.

International Development Solutions - Mazar E Sharif, Afghanistan
US Embassy Protection Detail/Personal Protection Specialist (ONCONUS) 12 Jul – 17 Oct 2014
• Lead driver for motorcade on advance team for US Ambassadors detail
• Ensured route to venue was clear for main body motorcade
• Secured venue for arrival of Ambassador
• Made sure communications were operational
• Maintained accountability of government equipment
• Weapons qualification M4 carbine, Glock 19, 870 shotgun, 249 saw, 240 bravo

Academi - Helmand Province - 09/2012 to 10/2013
High Threat Static Security/Firearms Instructor (ONCONUS)
• Liaison for new employees
• Managed Thirty to Forty personnel daily for one year
• Provided housing for over four hundred personnel
• Organized pick up and drop off of new hires at airport
• Instructed over four hundred personnel on weapons, duties and expectations
• Operated a twenty-four hour post that included a closed circuit camera, access badging, armed escort, and searches for contraband.
• Weapons qualifications M4 carbine, Glock 17, 240 Bravo, 50 caliber machine gun

United States Marine Corps - Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii - Infantry Squad Leader - 12/2006 to 12/2010
As Squad Leader my duties included: Managing Twenty Personnel daily and instructing marines on their (MOS) Military Occupational Specialty. Organized and Instructed classes on 240 Bravo machine gun, 50 caliber machine gun and MK19 automatic grenade launcher. Supervised and Taught periods of instruction on operations of weapons systems. And proper cleaning procedures. Managed and kept track of hundred thousands of dollars of government equipment. Responsible for physical standards and readiness of twenty personnel while also staying ready to operate at anytime in adverse conditions with little too no supervision.

Training Cadre
As a Corporal in the military at a training cadre for the 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines implementing the standard for overall machine gun ranges along with day and night time range movements, our team was able assess and make necessary changes to improve the overall success rate of accuracy and volume of fire to cover movement of marines to secure the objective. As a part of the training cadre, we trained two hundred plus marines and were awarded a Letter of Appreciation from the Battalion Commander.


World Protective Services Training - 2014
Wake Technical Community College - Completion to be determined
West Johnston High School - 2005


• Department of State Close Quarters Combat Course
• Department of State Marksmanship Course
• Department of State Defensive Driving Course
• Possess Valid Passport
• Possess Valid Drivers License
• Possess Valid Department Of State Contractor Card (CAC)
• Possess Valid Department Of State Security Clearance
• Tactical Combat Casualty Care
• Current CPR Certified
• Combat Life Savers
• Written and oral reports
• Communications
• Word
• Power point
• Excel
References: Upon request

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