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TopGun Fighter Foundation loudly affirms all our Veterans struggling with emotional pain, walking the tightrope of life or death, the absolute right to a life with value, dignity, and purpose. 

We are committed to renewing your faith that there is a rightful place in this world for you, and, as you fought for our freedoms, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you for your freedom from unimaginable pain. The freedom to love and be loved.

TGFF offers a dedicated 24-hour crisis hotline, access to confidential individual counseling, substance abuse programs, peer groups, and other resources to a pathway to living.  You answered the call. We now answer yours.



Half Face Blades

Half Face Blades is a Knife and Tool company, frogman owned and operated. For those good souls that fight against that fading light!

Half Face Blades was founded by Andrew Arrabito, Navy SEAL (ret.), to meet the need for high-quality, “go to” knives and axes – usable, personalized, functional, versatile tools that work for every person in every walk of life.

Andrew grew up hunting, camping and fishing in the great outdoors. After high school he joined the US Navy, determined to achieve the honor of serving in the United States Navy SEAL Teams. It was during his time in the Teams that Andrew decided to bring the “end user” back to the beginning, to learn blade-smithing.

From the beginning, Andrew’s goal was to make simple blade designs for consumers who demand the finest products. With his real-world experience in using cutting devices in super-charged action, Andrew understands what will be demanded from his blades. And he makes them to meet those demands.

Half Face Blades knives are designed with the distinction and ruggedness required for the work they are intended to do. Each knife is calculated to meet requirements gained by experience, by testing knives and axes, by using them over time at sea and in remote wildernesses.

HFB knives bring the soul of rugged, dependable, combat knives and tools to a variety of settings – from special operations tools for warriors, hunters and backpackers, to knives for the kitchen and great American workers.

“I wanted each person to have a usable tool, embodied with a warrior’s spirit, that will perform to their needs during their walk in life.”

Because we at HFB believe in giving back to those who have gone before us, those who have given their lives for a greater purpose, we support associated charities and foundations in their fundraising efforts. At present, those charities include, SEAL Future Fund.

“We here at Half Face Blades are constantly learning and growing so we can continue to make the best tools for the warriors of the world,” Andrew Arrabito

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