Shaun Keilen

Shaun Keilen’s background having completed what is arguably the most physically and mentally demanding military training in existence, Navy SEALs are called upon to carry out the most highly specialized, highly classified operations in the military-on land, at sea and in the air. After his time spent with the teams as 18-Delta Special Operations Combat Medic, Range Safety Officer, Diving Supervisor; he became a firefighter who was promoted to Captain, bypassing Lieutenant Position after just 1 year of employment. However, his down time as a Captain in the fire service in 2012 he was Ranked #1 of 125 reps in year over year revenue growth at 119% of quota, Awarded Starkey Sales Representative of the Year.

Mr. Keilen continues to operate and only associates himself with organizations who lead from the front and pave-way for those behind them. Shaun has excelled in every environment that he has provided his services to and we are fortunate to have him as a leader within our organization to always challenge ourselves in our mission to help restore what some have lost after service to their nation.

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