Adaptive Residential Programs for Veterans and Dependents


The Warriors Choice is a 501(c)(19) Veteran Foundation providing veterans- and dependents with “It’s Your Choice” of adaptive residential programs focused on streamlining coordinated, comprehensive and rehabilitative services individually tailored for the veteran at no cost.

Warriors Choice Foundation will serve the needs of Veterans, who recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from PTSD, mental illness and related substance abuse disorders, by collaborating with them toward mental and physical wellness. The vision and goals are as follows:

To provide an atmosphere that stimulates and expands the recovery experience through classes, workshops, healing and recreation time.

To offer services that promote education, integration, and alternative wellness.

To encourage and promote healthy lifestyles through exercise and proper nutrition.

To work with state agencies, the military, the healthcare community, and with non-profit organizations to support the goals of the Foundation.

To make mental health care more accessible to the local Veteran community and beyond.

The Warriors Choice Foundation will also have a unique service dog program: Restore Opportunity, Enjoyment of Servicemen/women’s Emotional Confidence through K9 Solutions (ROESEC-K9 Solutions)

ROESEC-K9 Solutions is a platform designed to provide veterans with the ability to train their own canine into a titled service animal. Introducing veterans to animal behavior and the importance of Classical and Operant Conditioning will provide mindfulness awareness therapy. The Foundations has professional knowledge of associated costs, access to, serviceability and the unexpected hardships of owning a service dog. Because the Foundation will be able to have the veteran train their current canine into a service animal, it will dramatically reduce both the wait time and expense of acquiring a trained service dog for such a pressing issue.

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